At What Time Should I Take Hydrolyzed Collagen: A Complete Guide

Collagen is a crucial protein for skin structure and elasticity, as well as playing a fundamental role in building ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Although our body naturally produces collagen, as the years go by, this production tends to decrease, making supplementation with hydrolyzed collagen advisable.

When it comes to consuming hydrolyzed collagen, timing can make all the difference. But why is it important to choose the right time and how can it affect your health goals?

Consuming on an Empty Stomach:

The recommendation is to consume collagen on an empty stomach, thus avoiding competition with other foods or dietary components, such as sugars, proteins, and carbohydrates.

Best Times to Take Collagen Based on Goals:

  • For weight loss: consuming collagen 30 to 40 minutes before lunch/dinner can stimulate a feeling of fullness, leading to eating less at the next meal.
  • For sports enthusiasts: consuming collagen 30 to 40 minutes before physical activity can be beneficial.
  • For bone and joint health: it is recommended to consume collagen at night or at least one hour after evening meals.
  • For improving skin appearance: consuming collagen one hour after meals may be more effective.

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